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we have a state of the art ,modern portable digital dental Xray machine which delivers the x-ray result instantly so the dentist and patient are able to see the result of x-ray during the procedure ,without extra wait.
While we understand that holding an uncomfortable device between your teeth to get an x-ray isn't fun, but modern digital x-ray devices certainly cut the time to one tenth of what it used to be. These X-rays can help dentists to see the condition of your teeth, roots, jaw placement and facial bone composition. They also help them diagnose and treat dental problems early in their onset.

we use dental | x-rays in adults to diagnose

  • Caries and dental Decay in and between teeth.
  • Decay beneath existing fillings.
  • Bone loss in the jaws.
  • Radiographic changes in the bone or root canal due to chronic infection.
  • Condition & position of teeth to help prepare for dental implants, braces, dentures or other dental procedures.
  • Abscesses
  • Dental Cysts and tumors


The motive of an ideal orthodontic treatment is to straighten the inter jaw relationship or straighten the crooked teeth with either conventional metallic braces or the non metallic /invisible braces (invisalign etc. ) We offer both options .but the treatment can vary from patient to patient depending on the severity of the case. An ideal orthodontic treatment usually comprises of three stages – the Planning Stage, Active Stage and Retention Stage The planning stage including diagnosing the malocclusion issue through detailed X-ray scans of teeth and jaws and then mapping out the appropriate treatment options such as the type of orthodontic appliance (metallic braces or invisible braces etc ) , length of active phase of wearing orthodontic appliance , post-treatment appliance (retainers etc) and their tentative duration and available payment plans for all the phases. The active stage of wearing an orthodontic appliance can vary from six months to 2 years in most cases . Duration of orthodontic appliance active phase is very case sensitive and varies from case to case ,depending on the complexity and severity of teeth malocclusion . Although we offer transparent braces (invisible braces ) for those who don’t like the look of conventional metallic braces purely for cosmetic reasons ,however invisible braces ( invisalign Treatment etc.) come with their own set of shortcomings and they might not be applicable in all orthodontic scenarios. That’s when our team of highly qualified orthodontist specialists come in the picture ,in guiding you what treatment option might be ideal for you A retention stage usually compromises six months to one year where our objective is to retain the newly found straighter and much better smile of yours, with the help of very light weight and almost invisible retainers .The concept behind retainers is to avoid the potential relapse of teeth , back to their crooked position.

Crown and Bridge work

We offer all kinds of high quality porcelain crowns and bridge work for replacing missing teeth or to protect the teeth after root canal treatment or in case of tooth structure damage .Crowns can vary from metal fused porcelain crowns (which can also look fairly natural ) and metal free/ all ceramic /pure porcelain crowns to give more aesthetically pleasing and almost exactly natural look. For front teeth crowns ,we usually recommend metal free crowns (zirconium crowns etc. ) due to their aesthetically pleasing and almost exact natural look. Metal free /all ceramic crown /bridge work is usually more expansive than conventional metallic crowns. Either way ,most crown/bridge work is done under minor local anesthesia and with minimum pain and usually ,you have new set of crowns /bridge work in your mouth within one week. Traditionally, bridges were recommended when there were natural teeth on each side of the gap where the tooth was missing. But with the advancements in dental implants field now a days, we like to suggest a single implant to replace a missing tooth between two healthy teeth. A dental implant can prevent you from having to get your healthy teeth filed down in preparation for the conventional crown /Bridge work.

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